Farzin Yadegari Architecture Inc. Is Based In Vancouver With A Focus On Delivering Excellence Across West Vancouver And The Lower Mainland.

We build more than buildings — we create spacial experiences, big and small, modern or classical motifs  that people seek out and remember.  The Farzin Yadegari Architecture Inc. objective is to define and sustain the communities and businesses we serve, and respect the environment through efficiency by design. Today and tomorrow, wherever we work, with whomever we partner, we bring passion, curiosity and integrity — reflected through every project.

Architectural marvels define eras based on preferences derived from fashion and consumerism. We focus our attention on philosophy of timeless design that will continue to provoke excitement and interest for decades, sustaining value and minimizing the need for future re-development. That is our vision and our depth of care for our clients.

In our opinion, nothing succeeds like experience. Designs that generate economic and emotional returns require more than creativity. By translating client goals into strategic decisions, we achieve long-term relationships with our clients.

We invite you to review a short list of our residential and mix-use properties developed in the vibrant city of Vancouver.